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Institute Support

Sanjeev Datta Institute Support

We offer customized institute support for career focused educational institutions through our Personality Transformation System programmes. Our business model focuses on both profit sharing and co-branding initiatives. 

We are pioneers in the field of personality transformation through our highly unique, effective, and scientific and arts based Theatrical Action Method (TAM) since 2006. Till date, we have got success in transforming more than 10000 students at our 30 centers spread all across New Delhi/NCR. We have conducted a number of educational and interactive workshops with teachers, parents and students in numerous prestigious schools during the school hours and as our after school centers. Our services have benefited several institutes in the past and have been charted out after 15 years of in-depth research and development initiatives.

Adding to the foundational learning for several competitive examinations, we understand that personality and leadership development forms the very core of cracking interviews and ensuring selection in competitive examinations. We also focus on quick think responses, self-confidence, expressive ability, interpersonal skills, voice tone and body language, speaking with passion, G.D debating along with removing hesitation and inhibitions.

In order to further develop this core, we offer public speaking classes, group discussion initiatives, confidence booster therapies and leadership development programmes. 

Every service offered is tailored in accordance to the developing demands of the respective institutes.