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Sanjeev Datta Strengths kingdom

Strengths Kingdom is a personality development school, founded by Sanjeev Datta. He is an intellectual with a rock solid personality and never-say-never spirit. He has great passion for Theater and Drama.  

The Strengths Kingdom aims high to help children emerge winners by introducing Theater and Drama in Education. 

We are not just an ordinary personality transformation school. We have an edge as we have introduced Theater and Drama into education curriculum to make learning easy and interesting for kids. 

We understand the different temperaments of kids. We are also aware that nowadays kids face a lot of stress due to academic pressure. We put our best to eliminate the stress factor in kids by introducing Theater Education in our Teaching Methodology.

Our unique teaching technique, known as Theater and Techniques in Education is a pioneer concept. It has proven to bring a tremendous change in the personality and confidence level of kids. Our kids are trained to take bigger challenges in life.

At Strengths Kingdom, we provide immense opportunities to use creativity and pragmatism to explore hidden talents and express oneself in the best possible ways. Our vibrant and enriching environment is exceptional and supportive to help kids express themselves at their best by taking part in a number of fun filled theater and drama activities.

Established in 1998 by Sanjeev Datta, Strengths Kingdom is personality transformation school for kids, teenagers and college students. The school holds good repute for bringing a major change in the personality of kids.

Strengths Kingdom is a dream school for parents who want to see their children grow up into individuals with good personality, rock solid self-confidence and better will power. It adopts a special technique known as Sanjeev Datta Theater Course to bring a gigantic transformation in the personality of a child. With each step of this course, the kids are taught to come out of their cocoon of uncertainty with confidence and prove themselves as winners.

We, at Strengths Kingdom are leaders in our field. All our staff is trained in the arena of Theater & Drama, speech, communication and expression to bring an overall change in the personality of a child.

We enroll children in the age group from two and a half to 14 years. We start preparing our kids at a very tender age because we believe that the seeds of good personality development must be sown right in the formative years.
The main attractions of our Theater and Techniques in Education include speech development, developing concentration, focus and attentiveness, enhancing creativity, imagination, removing shyness, hesitation, stage fear, character dramatization and enhancing communication skills.

Every child at our school is given special attention. We understand that every child is unique and has his own set of inherent potentials. We try to extract those potentials and allow them to give their best to the world.

Our life changing theater in education programs are guaranteed to bring a massive transformation in a kid.

We believe in creating winners out of our kids!