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sanjeev datta session



sanjeev datta session



sanjeev datta duration

6-12 months


sanjeev datta introductory Session starts

Introductory Assessment starts at 600/-

Stellar Kids is all about instilling such a concrete and indomitable form of confidence in a child that can never be erased, no matter, how difficult life becomes. Through our Beginner, Elementary and Expert level sessions in Theatrical Action Method, a child learns to tap his hidden potential and power for excellence.

These programmes are conceptualized after years of in-depth research and are popular all over the world. Young leaders of tomorrow are trained through our Personality Development n TheatreSmart Program. We strongly believe that every child, under the age group of 12 years, picks up everything through strong instinctive observation, which in turn shapes up his/her personality in terms of self confidence, positive body language, voice articulation, initiative and interaction, superb learning and grasping power and environment adaptation. Needless to say, what is neglected in tender years of growth can never be replenished throughout life.

These programmes are conceptualized after years of in-depth research and are popular all over the world.

Thus, our training include ample stage exposure in every session. Ample individual exposure is given to every child in each session.

Sanjeev Datta’s Super Student Programme has been developed after 15 years of intense and rigorous research with students ,teachers & parents hailing from major schools of Delhi-NCR Region.

Super Student Programme with Sanjeev Datta EdgEducation curriculum covers all the below mentioned 15 concepts.

The salient features of the educational curriculum includes

1. Development of fluency and proficiency in English Speech usage

2. Enhancement of communication skills

3. Building of character, morals and etiquettes

4. Creating Young Journalists through enhancing interview skills

5. Physical Persona, Positive Attitude n Body language Enhancer

6. English Syllabus Grades Enhancer

7. Academic Brilliance, Concentration & Observation skills Enhancer.

8. Expressive Ability Enhancer

9. Youngstars Stage Championship

10. YoungStars Show Anchoring

11. Cognition, Creativity and Intelligence Enhancer

12. General Awareness, Topics and Subject Knowledge Quiz Enhancer

13. Stage Compering and Anchoring skills Enhancer

14. Time Management and life skills Enhancer

15. Voice and Speech Enhancer

All our expert trainers undergo an intensive training by Mr Sanjeev Datta/ Mr Viram Datta every week. The class module developed by Mr. Datta is taught to the team and they are made to practice until they become perfect at it. Each trainer has to be through with the module and then has to perform a series of demonstration classes which are marked on a scale of 1 to 10. Once each trainer has secured 8 or more points, then he/she is allowed to take classes for the week. Frequent quality audits are run by the Strengths Education Quality Team.

Please look below for available assessments-workshops-contests-seminars & programs in the leaflet box, Program investment & Skills Enhancement Bank.

Cost effective Personality Skills programs. Call 9015983983 to Book Now.

SDPS-Transforming Personalities, transforming lives. 15 years, 50000+ school students & 10000+Teachers trained of top schools

TAM Note:Our specialist copyrighted & proprietary 'Theatrical Action Method' (TAM) techniques work on enhancing the internal personality, potential & performance traits for a life long imbibing.TAM functions on three crucial aspects of an individuals personality i.e Observation, Cognition & Expression skills to become 'the best version of yourself'.

Future of your child lies in your hands. Your children are dependent on your actions.

Empower your child with Personality Skills & make him/her get ahead in life.


☑ 15+ Years & 50,000+ Students Trained in Schools.

☑ Over 10,000 Teachers Trained for Leading Schools.

☑ Official Personality Development Expert & jury member of Miss India Org. for national & international pageants like Miss Universe, Miss. World , Mr World etc

☑ Awarded & featured as 'Educators 2013' by Times of India

☑ Centres & venues all across Delhi-NCR(operated by trained Educators-Edupreneurs).

☑ FREE sessions for EWS (Economically Weaker Section) students & Scholarships for Needy Students under our #MissionToMakeIndiaConfident

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