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Special Programs

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Discover a new you in you with Sanjeev Datta Theatrical Action Method

1. Identity for Women  (home makers, brides to be, working women)

Relationship management, environment adaptation, boldness, emotional intelligence, self-confidence & esteem, social graces & etiquettes, life skills, organization skills, positive attitude, remove  complancy, adversity quotient etc .

2. Corporate  star performer (for executives, managers, promotion seekers) 

Wellness, effective leadership, the change within, business/target/expansion vision, soft skills, positive visualization, self confidence & motivation, changing belief`s & perspective, body language, time concept, inspiring others, enhance performance skills, goal setting & success planning, removing compliancy inhibitions, improving expressive ability & initiative.

3. Interview-Selection confidence & employability skills (for job seekers & career transition)

Covering quick think response, self –confidence, expressive ability, interpersonal skills, voice tone & body language, speaking with passion, G.D debating, removing hesitation& inhibitions.

4. Emotions management with rejuvenation  (for aspiring individuals for self motivation, to de-stress)

Covering-body-mind-soul refreshing ,handling mood swings, channelizing thoughts overcoming negative thoughts, mind relaxation, facing rejections, stress busters, anger control & positive perspectives , meditation  affirmative techniques, removing boredom lethargy, instilling positivity.

5. Confident public speaker (for teenagers, college students & professionals)

Covering communication skills, stage comparing, audience connect, focus, speech creative’s, body languages & gestures, presentation skills, mic handling, stage-podium basics ,voice tone & articulation etc.

6. Personality to succeed workshop

For individuals to enhance self-confidence, communication skills, voice & speech, emotions & expressibility,  body language, environment adaptation, observation skills, quick think response, creativity, goal setting & success plan etc.

7. Smart parent & Smart Kids

For families mothers child , schools covering) effective parenting in child development, parenting tips & guidelines, latest international educational techniques, learning & grasping styles.