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Why us

Sanjeev Datta Why us

Personality development is a necessary attribute which drives you ahead in life and gives you the extra edge to stand out of the crowd. With our guidelines and techniques, at Sanjeev Datta Personality school, we focus on creating a new you in you!

1. Unique methodologies:
Our unique methodologies foster the growth of one’s personality by enhancing the ability to express, overcome shyness, hesitation, stage fear, strengthening communication skills and developing leadership qualities.

2. Training the best of the best:
We believe in building the personality development foundation for the students, teachers, principals, CEOs, parents, winners of Miss India, Miss Diva and Mr. India who represent India at top international pageants like Miss universe, Miss World, Miss United Continent, Miss Supra National, Mr. Supra National and Mr. World.

3. Internal development for a better external interpretation:
We believe in moulding one’s inner qualities which form a base of their external personality, making one appear more confident & positive in life.

4. Proprietary TAM technique:
Our specialized copyrighted TAM (theatrical action method) is a unique, innovative, practical, result oriented, scientific and arts based methodology developed over the period of 15 years. It is a constantly evolving technique as per changing times & exposure levels ,currently we are running with TAM 6 version.

5. Excellence that lingers:
We have been running successfully for the past 15 years and are continuing to transform the personalities of people by uplifting and boosting various attributes resulting in personality development.