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Vibha & Rohit

We sincerely thank the academy and especially the teachers who put in so much hard efforts and dedication to carve out these hidden skills in my child.

Shivani Bhasin

These classes are very effective and helped my ward to do well in his personal as well as in his social circle.

Kusum Tuteja

I am so happy with my sons behavioural changes after joining Sanjeev Datta Personality School. He has become more confident, self-dependant and a happy child. Thank You.

Ashish Agarwal

My ward Aditya Agarwal has improved his confidence and expressive ability. He loves attending Sanjeev Datta Personality Classes. We are happy to see him as a champion today.

Kuljit Singh

I have seen a tremendous change in Harnoor. I am very grateful for ll your efforts and bringing the star in my kid out. Thank you.

Mohit Kumar

This workshop helped me a lot to gain my confidence. I will definitely try what all the teachers taught me. Excellent workshop. Once again thanks to all teachers who boosted up my confidence.

Deepali Choudhary

I am able to build up my confidence. It was a nice workshop and helped me to build my confidence and the personality in my future. We were privileged to have Sanjeev, Rohan, and Ankur sir!

Monica Durani

It was a much needed break which re-enforced the value of smile and made me realise how we have come to take it for granted in current times! All in all a crisp workshop with stimulating activities.

Ekta Khurana (D.A.V. Public School, Sreshtha Vihar)

The program was very motivating and encouraging for the students to enhance their personality development skills. They got the golden opportunity to interact and voice their opinions on public platform.

Manju Sangwan (DPS Rohini)

The techniques that Mr. Sanjeev Datta shared are really effective and practical too. No doubt, this short duration workshop proved to be transforming.

Renu Arora (St. Margaret Sr. Sec. School)

An interesting and an engaging session. Interactive and involving students, making them participate and give spontaneous responses.

Shalini Kapoor Gupta (Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Ghaziabad)

The presentation given by Mr. Sanjeev Datta was quite innovative. The technique used in the workshop was novel and reached the hearts of the students.

Nandini Anand (Little Fairy Public School)

The workshop was very refreshing for both students and teachers. It definitely inspired children to be mentally active, expressive, confident, and most importantly to have a positive outlook in different spheres of life. These qualities will surely be fruitful for children and their future.

Mona Das

Really enjoyed the workshop. Wish we had more time to do more exercises. The techniques told were very useful and I am surely going to practise them. Would like to attend more workshops of such kind, even for my daughter.

Neelam malhotra

It was an amazing experience rather a lifetime experience attending this workshop. Hope to attend the next session very soon.

Priya Kataria

Truly enriching, empowering, extremely knowledgeable, makes me a better person today. Thumbs Up. Well done.

Kavita Kumar

Adrenaline raised and a constant smile on my face. I promise myself to move forward with a better understanding of myself which will help and benefit my students. Thank you so  much.

Anu Sachdev

I enjoyed the session a lot, it gave me a lot of awareness as to how to manage my life and also how can i help my students.

Rati Joneja

Very effective and power packed workshop giving an edge to my personality. Speaker was presentable and impressive, leaving a mark. I would love my kids to join the school to give them impressive personality and even I would like to attend more sessions.

Anita Mahindra

Very positive! One workshop where I really have experienced a change- a change in my outlook, my persona. I carry back (and I hope to keep it on always) a SMILE! Thanks.

Prerna Soni

It was an amazing session. I can see change in my personality after this session and would indulge the activities in my routine to groom my personality further.

Ankita Chandra

So different from the usual workshops on teacher training. Fun, motivating, and enriching! Sure to make an impact.

Harvinder kaur

Helped us loosen up and spend one hour of fun time learning!



Mitashi Pawar

Amazing! Loved the way the team conducted it. Would like to join your team.

loveena kalra

Wonderful workshop!! You are the best.

Shalini A.Bhardwaj

Workshop helped me learn new ways to excel in my profession as well as personal life. It helped me enhance positivity in my personality that will reflect in my profession

Suman Nehra

The workshop enriched us with several ways of relaxing, emphasizing, and rejuvenating after a long stressful day. Thanks a lot!

Nawal Singh

The workshop helps in developing and gives us a different thought way of meditating and focusing on day to day life.

Bina Ramanujam

It definitely was a workshop par excellence and not the run of the mill ones. Sir, you are definitely a 'giver' and definitely the teaching fraternity will benefit a great deal!

Himani Bakshi

I truly enjoyed the workshop. The voice modulation and tips on resonance were very helpful. The diction cleanser exercise was an innovative way to work on one's speech. Thanks a lot!

Kriti Kapur

It was indeed an enriching workshop. Definitely it'll help us in expressing ourselves better and reach to our audience in a better manner. Not to miss the "SMILE". It has in fact made us happy.

Tina Thakur

I would like to thank Mr. Sanjeev Datta for teaching me what I knew but had forgotten to practice in my classes. I wish the workshop would have been longer but never mind I had a great learning experience. Once again thank you.

Indu Sreedharan

Meaningful and interesting techniques. Found the workshop useful and intend to practice it my routine.

Manjeet Bhargave

An excellent and useful session! We want to have more of it.

Dr U R Chauhan (Apeejay School)

Very interesting, motivating and promoting workshop for personality development. One can make one's life healthy, happy and cheerful with the activities taught by Mr Sanjeev Datta. Mr Sanjeev you are really a motivator.

Vandana Arora (Apeejay School, Pitampura)

It was a wonderful workshop. Learnt the power of smiling. Will 100% try the resonance technique, diction cleanser, and meditation.

Mamta Sharma (Apeejay School, Pitampura)

It was a good reinforcement of importance of expressions, voice, and body language. I have learnt a lot to excel.

Ritika Goyal (Apeejay School, Pitampura)

Very interesting, lively, and powerful workshop. Got new ideas how to think positively, how to be happy and how to lead life without stress. 

Neha Paul (Apeejay School, Pitampura)

I learnt how to bring positivity in our outlook and also learnt how to enhance or groom one's outer and inner self to bring about a positive change in our lives.

Renu Nagpal (Apeejay School, Pitampura)

The workshop was really interesting. The smile technique, resonance, jaw and meditation technique were really good and enhanced our knowledge. These type of workshops are going to help the students as well.

Arundhati (Army Public School, Dhaula kuan)

Very motivational workshop! Enjoyed a lot! Liked the idea of 'be happy in the now'. It will definitely help me in future.

Poonam Dhaundiyal (Army Public School, Dhaula kuan)

It was extremely entertaining and enlightening. Kept me deeply engrossed. The meditation techniques were really interesting.

Komal Arora (Army Public School, Dhaula kuan)

A very positive expression oriented workshop it was! A very creative effort for improving the perspective in teaching.

Maneet Kaur Oberoi (Army Public School, Dhaula kuan)

The session was more than wonderful. I have gained a lot of confidence from it. Great session!

Monika Sidhu (Bhatnagar International School, Vasant Kunj)

Valuable! Great! Will definitely help us discover a new 'us'.

Harmeet Kaur (Guru Harkrishan Public School, India Gate)

Discovered myself in a new sense. The session on voice modulation would create interest in class and make teaching fun loving. A very good workshop.

Harpreet Kaur (Guru Harkrishan Public School, India Gate)

A great session which helped me talk to myself, something which we all tend to miss out in the rat race of life. 'Living life' is what you teach people. smiley

Madhu Kaushal (Guru Harkrishan Public School, India Gate)

It was a beneficial session for me. The concept of 'keeping a smile on your face' was really very effective to keep the negative thoughts away.

Kannal Ghai (Guru Harkrishan Public School, India Gate)

Very interesting and informative. It is the best workshop I have ever attended. I am sure it is going to help me as a teacher.

Ritu Bir Singh (Guru Harkrishan Public School, India Gate)

A rejuvenating workshop to help us interact with our students in a better way. We got a chance to talk to ourselves and know the child in us. Smile is the most important tool and how to use it effectively in the class was the focus.

Jyoti Ahuja (St.Thomas, Mandir Marg)


In such short span of time, I have learnt so much. Thank you!

Simi Sara Thomas (St.Thomas, Mandir Marg)

The session was definitely rejuvenating and I could pick up some good concepts to be used in my class. An interactive session it was! Liked the call to push ourselves further the best.

Himani Bakshi (Modern School Barakhamba)

I truly enjoyed the workshop. The voice modulation and tips on resonance were very helpful. The diction cleanser exercise was an innovative way to work on one's speech. Thanks a ton!

Manav (Executive)

Great and informative workshop. Helpful in a lot of ways professionally and personally.

Nigamananda Maulice (Executive)

It was really a good session. It really enhanced my interpersonal skills and my confidence and abilities to represent myself in front of my clients and achieve my targets.

Aditya Bhargava (Executive)

Workshop was very interesting, interactive, and full of positivity!

Tarun Moolri (Executive)

A good workshop which brings out the inner person in you. This was quite educating & interesting. It was must to attend. Thank you.

Priyanka Chaudhary (Executive)

Very interesting workshop. Thought provoking. Gives insight regarding different emotions and body language. Opens up horizons.

Priyanka Munjal (Executive)

The workshop was really interesting and has surely made me something better than before.

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Sanjeev Datta Pageant Contestants
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Sanjeev Datta Pageant Contestants
Sanjeev Datta Pageant Contestants
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Sanjeev Datta Pageant Contestants
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Sanjeev Datta Pageant Contestants
Sanjeev Datta Pageant Contestants
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